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What is free5GC?

The free5GC is an open-source project for 5th generation (5G) mobile core networks. The ultimate goal of this project is to implement the 5G core network (5GC) defined in 3GPP Release 15 (R15) and beyond.

Currently, the major contributors are with National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). Please refer to our roadmap for the features of each release.

The source code of the latest version free5GC can be downloaded from here.

The source code of free5GC stage 2 (ARM version) can be downloaded from here.

The source code of free5GC stage 1 can be downloaded from here.

Features history can be found here.


Thank you very much for your interest in free5GC. Except for stage 1, the license of free5GC follows Apache 2.0. That is, anyone can use free5GC for commercial purposes for free. We will not charge any license fee. Because we receive many emails each day asking for technical questions, we are unable to answer all of them. If you want us to answer your questions, please consider joining our membership program. If you are not our member, we may still answer your questions. However, your priority will be the lowest.





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