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Membership services

Early access:
We provide the service that members can access the source code of free5GC before it is official released.

Discount for workshop and seminar:
We will regularly hold 5G telecommunication-related workshop and seminar. The discount for attending those

  • workshops,

  • training courses, and

  • seminars


will be based on the Membership Level selected above.


Technical support:
We will provide technical support to build 5G telecommunications services by using free5GC software for the Members based on the Membership Level selected above. The 5G telecommunications services could be used for:

  • electronic message sending,

  • providing telecommunications connections to a global networks,

  • providing telecommunications connections to the Internet or databases,

  • personal communication services,

  • wireless telephony, and

  • wireless broadband communications services.


For services and sales information, please contact Ms. Hsiaotsui Chen:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 1-800-409-9811 ext. 54790

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