free5GC Installation on KVM Minimum Requirement Software OS: Ubuntu 18.04 Linux kernel: 4.15.0-43-generic gcc 7.3.0 Go 1.11.4 QEMU emulator 2.11.1 Hardware CPU: Intel i5 processor RAM: 4GB Hard drive: 160G NIC card: 1Gbps ethernet card Hardware recommended CPU: Intel i7 processor RAM: 8GB Hard drive: 160G NIC card: 10Gbps ethernet card Hardware Tested eNB

free5GC Distributed Installation Guide Network Topology Install free5GC About MongoDB MongoDB MUST be installed on the HSS machine in distributed installation and make sure all entities are accessing to the that database. Please add UE infomation to webUI on the HSS machine. Please modify the MongoDB address (at the first line of free5gc.

free5GC Stage 2 Installation Guide Minimum Requirement Software OS: Ubuntu 18.04 or later versions gcc 7.3.0 Go 1.12.9 linux/amd64 QEMU emulator 2.11.1 Note: Please use Ubuntu 18.04 or later versions and go 1.12.9 linux/amd64 You can use go version to check your current Go version.

Appendix A: OAM Run the OAM server cd webconsole go run server.go Access the OAM by URL: http://localhost:5000 Username: admin Password: free5gc Now you can see the information of currently registered UEs (e.g. Supi, connected state, etc.) in the core network at the tab “DASHBOARD” of free5GC webconsole Note: You can add the subscribers here too

SBI Configuration There are registerIP and bindingIP design on every NF’s sbi interface. This is due to some orchestration, such as Kubernets or OpenStack, has the design of service IP mapping. Use Kubernets as an example. K8S has the service type that enable users to define the service IP outside the pod.